The Year 2009 Blogging Goals

The Finish Line
Finish Line, originally uploaded by andrew_mo

As the end of December is getting near, many of us then take a time to stop for a while to ponder about our life and the progress in life. End of year is the right time to ask ourselves about our achievements. What have we done? What have we got? Are we happy enough with what we have through the year?

Many questions we should ask, especially in blogging progress and achievements. At first, blogging was just an informal media to help me get a better writing. By creating useful content and make it with consistent pace, I can take practices with my writing. That’s the first advantage. As of my writing quality is going better, more people will enjoy and follow the updates. They will come and join the conversation, which means the improvement for the blog’s traffic and popularity. That’s the second. When the traffic is going up, the more opportunities for me to help other people to promote their service/product. It means money, and that’s the third advantage.

Creating blogs are as simple as creating an e-mail account. There was almost no barrier for everyone to create a blog and fill it with anything on their passion. Many blog services are free, so people are nearly impossible to say that blogging needs big cash. At least, we only need to pay the internet connection cost which we consider as low. 40 cents per hour rate won’t drain our wallet, I guess.

The hardest part of having a blog is to maintain and develop its performance. It doesn’t determine by what kind of blog platform do we have nor how much we spend on creating the blog. It’s how we fill the blog with useful content and keep it running on the fast paced blogging competition.

Yes, blogging means competition. If we think that blogging is a serious thing, then all we need is plan, strategy, and of course the action. Without plans, our action will be impossible to run, and without actions, our plan should go nowhere.

The first step of making plan is to set up goals and achievements in blogging. Clear and written plans are far better then thousand unwritten ideas. So, here we go, my blogging goals for the year 2009 are:

  • An Alexa rank under 200,000 points for this blog (it’s 1,118,243 points currently)
  • At least 200 subscribers for this blog (for the current time it has zero subscriber *wink*)
  • At least $1,000 monthly revenue from all my internet projects
  • Winning 3 blog or design competitions

I guess I’m gonna put only these four goals, which I hope can help me to go with personal development and life achievements.