Fetching Data by Character Length in MySQL

I utilized MySQL’s `CHAR_LENGTH` function to retrieve entries from a ‘terms’ table where the ‘name’ column had exactly 2 characters. This simple yet effective query showcased the ease with which MySQL can handle data filtering based on character length.

MySQL Char length

I recently found myself working on a project that required managing a variety of terms in a MySQL database. The database had a table named ‘terms’, where each term was stored in a column called ‘name’. At one point, I needed to fetch all entries where the term consisted of exactly 2 characters. Here’s how I tackled this interesting problem using MySQL.

The CHAR_LENGTH Function

The solution lay in the handy CHAR_LENGTH function provided by MySQL. This function returns the character length of a given string, making it a breeze to filter out terms based on length. Here’s the query I crafted to solve the problem:


This query was exactly what I needed – it returned all rows from the ‘terms’ table where the ‘name’ column had a string length of 2 characters. This experience showcased the simplicity and power of MySQL, making the task of filtering data by character length an easy one!