DaniyPress is a self-project first presented to public on Gelatik Selam event, June, 5th, 2012. This simple PHP software is meant to give a little insight that we can build a very simple system to create and manage web contents. It comprises the very basic PHP programming practice in order to help new PHP beginners to learn how such a system can work by using POST and GET request.

In its initial release, DaniyPress has the ability to create posts, edit posts, add pictures and attach them to certain post. Compared to the established WordPress software, DaniyPress is a David to Goliath according to its size and capability. So, don’t expect too much..

DaniyPress Frontend View

DaniyPress Backend Admin View

Charge: Free
License: MIT License
Filesize: 555 kB (zip compressed)
Version: 1.2


  • This software is coded within 16 hours from zero, without any refactoring, minimum debugging and testing, and tested only in one environment, so it’s highly NOT RECOMMENDED to use this software for a production site.
  • Bugs may occur anywhere on the script, I’ve found two of them and got it fixed. You may find another bugs, depending on your environment: operating system, web server, etc

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